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Loyalty Reward

Royalty Reward

What is Royalty Reward?
  1. This is the reward which is given to our any users when a NFT is sold in Nuva NFT Marketplace. Nuva NFT provides royalty reward only to the NFT buyers who buys the NFT from selected collections from Nuva NFT Marketplace.
How to get Royalty Rewards?
  1. You need to buy/mint NFT in Nuva NFT platform from selected collections:
  2. Once you buy NFTs (only those listed by the creator) or mint an NFT from the selected collections, your wallet address will be added to the smart contract of the NFT as 5% royalty receiver.
  3. On every resale of the NFT, you will receive 50% from a total of 10% Royalty Reward. No matter where the NFT sale takes place, you will keep on receiving the royalty reward.
  4. To check you are the royalty receiver, you can click on the Royalty Receiver address in the NFT page which will reveal your wallet address and the creator wallet address equally sharing the 10% royalty rewards.
    For an example, if you own an NFT of 100 ETH, 10% will be the royalty which is 10 ETH. 50% of 10 ETH is 5 ETH. That means you will be receiving 5 ETH on the next sale, which is 5% of the total NFT sale value. If the same NFT is sold for 200 ETH next time, you will receive 10 ETH. If again the NFT is sold for 300 ETH, you will be getting 15 ETH. This way, you will be receiving 5% as royalty on every sale.

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